For a while now, one of my indispensable tools for working with CSS has been Xyle scope

This application saves me so much time when it comes to editing CSS. I can immediately see the changes I’m making, I can tweak everything until I’m happy, and then save my changes. Often, I will try out different ideas and scrap them. I’ve been very happy using Xyle scope.

The one major gripe I’ve always had with it though, is that I could only edit CSS properties that were already there. If an element did not already have a margin property defined, then I would have to fire up my text editor and add that property before I could tweak it in Xyle scope. I lived with that because I was happy enough with the app otherwise.

I no longer have to live it! I’m thrilled with the new 1.2 version of Xyle (currently in beta). The developer has added a bunch of features that make it soooo much better. I’m loving it! Let me tell you about the new features that I’m loving. It’s kinda like a review, but not really.

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Quicksilver Funny Moment

March 21st, 2007

I had this moment of absolute hilarity just a few minutes ago. I was playing with Quicksilver and tossing tasks into my inbox for Actiontastic, when I discovered that if I jump the gun and execute a command before giving an action to it, it would do the default action “Large Type”. Basically it just splashes the text on the screen. After a couple of fumbles, I thought I would mock myself for a moment. Little did I realize how well I would mock myself – or how much it would make me laugh. I still chuckle every time I look at the screen shot.

I just had to blog about this funny moment. At the same time, I’m going to explain how I took this screenshot, renamed it and converted it to 200×200 pixels in a few seconds and without touching my mouse! All thanks to Quicksilver.

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