It's In the Small Details

September 1st, 2006

bread n water
I noticed this glass sitting on the table as we were finishing up lunch just the other day. It struck me. This is a sample of the little kinds of details of parenthood that we deal with every day. I’m sure any parent, especially of young children will identify with this. It’s gross.

I look at this a bit longer and I realize that this is beautiful in so many ways. A child is so different. They explore and play and they think nothing of dropping their sandwich into their water glass. As an adult it just shows how far I have come. It also affords me the chance to remember that I once too was like this.

It is also beautiful because it is part of the texture of parenting. Parenting is nothing like a glossy photo of parent and child. It is rich with all kinds of textures, feelings, dirty diapers, crying, laughing, quiet moments and tantrums. It is rich with toys all over the house and bread in water glasses. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.