I recently discovered the Litespeed web server. It turns out to be a very easy way to get Rails apps running, compared with Lighttpd + FCGI or Apache + Mongrel.

I had to try it out and I found that is was certainly much more simple. I especially like the web interface! No more digging around in log files. It’s no slouch when it comes to performance either. It claims to be the fastest option because it is all written in C++.

The only thing that I am looking into now is how much memory usage it takes. I’m finding that it’s using up nearly all of my 256MB of RAM for just one rails app with sqlite3.

Check out this great resource for getting up and running fast using Litespeed.

There are a few things that I have to remember:

I had to install the 32 bit extensions for Ubuntu to get litespeed working. I had to change the sources file for apt-get to look outside into the universe…

other than that it was pretty simple

What I need to do now is figure out what to do about the user for litespeed and permissions.