MiniStory: The Leap of Faith

August 31st, 2006

“Take and eat.”, said the Voice.

I looked out athe apple, hanging over the abyss. “What!?”

“Take and eat.”

Could I grab the apple without falling in? I reached. Too high. I stretched. Too high. The only way was to leap. I had come so far. What the hell! I leaped and grabbed the apple, thinking to swing back to solid ground. My heart leaped along with me. I held fast to the branch but it didn’t bear my weight at all. I fell into the abyss, apple in hand.

Down, down, down. It was getting dark.

I cursed, I thrashed, I screamed. “You betrayed me! You lied!” The voice was silent. I fell deeper into blackness, my anger smoldered. Then I thought about how the voice had led me true this far. It had brought such joy, though mixed with sorrow. But here the sorrow seemed even sweeter somehow. Could I die for the voice? Yes. I might as well accept this death with courage.

“Take and eat.” the voice said again.

Oh! I couldn’t see the apple in the darkness, but I took a bite. Life entered me as I had never known. Light bloomed around me. I was flying with the wings of a great eagle in the abyss which suddently seemed to be full of life. There were birds of every species dancing joyfully in the air. I took to the sky, laughing.

“I am such a fool!”, I cried out as tears of joy floated off into the cool breeze.