New Disabled Driving Website

November 22nd, 2008

I have just helped a client put the finishing touches on his new website. It’s exciting because there doesn’t really appear to be anything like it out there, and the topic is so important. Larry is a driver rehab therapist and has been doing that here in British Columbia for over 20 years.

When I talked to Larry about his website and what he wanted to do with it, it became clear instantly that this man really knows what he’s talking about. He’s also passionate about what he does, it just flows out of him as part of who he is. Basically what he does is he works with disabled people to assess their ability to drive, teach them to drive if possible and to use special modifications to their vehicle to help them drive.

I helped Larry with the concept for his website, encouraging him to put his valuable expertise onto the internet to help people as much as possible rather than just a basic business website that lists his services. We built the site on Radiant CMS so Larry can update it regularly.

I added the following plugins to the Radiant install:
  • mailer
    • I modified this slightly with a table tag so that the layout would go into a table automatically and I would have to do way less typing
  • paperclipped
    • this is a great image extension, it can be slightly confusing for end users though
  • reorder
  • settings
    • I’m so glad I found this..
  • textile_editor

I have to say that the state of the nation for RadiantCMS is looking pretty darned good. There is a lot of activity and great new extensions arriving all the time.

If you know someone who has become disabled recently and wants to know about getting back behind the wheel, let them know about Larry Bowen’s website. It has some useful information in there now, and Larry will be adding to it. The goal is to make it the best resource for disabled driving!!

If you have suggestions on what kind of things Larry can add to his site to make it more relevant and useful, please feel free to mention the ideas in the comments.