Denise's Site

I just recently finished building a website for Denise Saldana. Denise is a personal style consultant. This means that she will help you never have to worry about clothes again.

For the design of the site, it was important to come up with something that was classy and would appeal both to women and men. Men aren’t as likely to look for a personal style consultant, I don’t think, but we may be the ones who need it the most! Denise really enjoys helping out men and women both.

The site is built on Mephisto , so Denise can log in and modify her site herself, and it’s really easy for her to upload photos and include them on her site. I can’t wait to see the ways that she uses the site in the future!

The Little Things Make it Big

August 11th, 2006

This is an overdue post about the things that I started reflecting about after watching the movie DareDevil – Director’s cut. I’m starting at the end because it’s the most interesting at the moment – the little things are what makes it big.

What happened with the theatrical release of DareDevil was that the producer and other people involved on the project wanted the running time of the movie to be under or around 90 minutes. I don’t really know why they would want to do that, I personally feel ripped off if a movie is too short. Bring on the 3 hour long flicks is what I say. That’s beside the point. This is not to say that you can’t make a good movie with a short running time. It just depends if the story can handle it.

The consequence of this decision was that they started to cut out what they considered to be the ‘fluff’. The cut out all the scenes that didn’t advance the primary plot line in some way. What was left was a very concise fast moving story. But it was devoid of small interesting details.

When it came to the director’s cut, a bunch of side stories were added, supporting cast had more screen time, and there were more quiet moments exploring little details. These little details didn’t necessarily fit in with the core of the story or move forward the main plot line, but in many ways they are what made it good.

The same idea can be applied to software development.

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