Thank you Barcamp Vancouver!! I’m reeling from Barcamp Vancouver yesterday and my puny little mind is trying to absorb all of the inspiration, experiences and information it was plunged into.

For those looking for the notes from my session, they’ll be coming soon. Meanwhile the following is a direct result of my experience at Barcamp yesterday.

I’m Grappling with the Idea of “The Real World”

One of the biggest things that I was reflecting on yesterday as part of Barcamp is the concept of “The Real World”. I grappled with it all day yesterday and held a session trying to gather some more insight from the brilliant minds there.

What do I mean by “The Real World”? The concept basically encompasses real people, real bodies, real consequences as opposed to digital people (personas), digital consequences and the whole world of imagination. Why do I care about this? I lived much of my life where my imagination was more real to me than the real world, and there was a lot of pain and misery associated with that for me.

Inspiration Cometh on the Strings of U2

Well today is family day for me and I was going about my business, playing with my kids, making brunch and all that great family stuff when I noticed that my life had a soundtrack. Sweet! It was U2s’ “Beautiful Day”. I started singing along with it, then I started reflecting on the meaning of the song…

You’re in the mud
In the maze of her imagination

A meaning for the lyrics came upon me like a slow motion locomotive. I won’t say the meaning, but in my mind I was seeing it laden with profound meaning. The meaning was all about what I was grappling with yesterday!! It’s about the real world and the world of imagination!

The Meaning of the Lyrics (as I saw it)

(after the jump) You can read my take on the lyrics. I could go on and on, but I’ve tried to keep it brief and to the point. Please check it out and add your comments, I really want to hear them.

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