Time to stop being a 'bad blogger'

September 21st, 2009

Are you a blogger? Or do you fall into the category that many bloggers would put themselves into? I call this being a ‘bad bloggizen’. Here’s how it goes: You set up a blog and you post some articles. Then you get to thinking that no one is listening and no one really cares what you think, and this is really a whole lot of work anyway. You blog languishes and before you know it your latest article is from months ago, or worse, years ago!

I’ve been thinking about this and it’s appropriate that I should start blogging again with a few thoughts on the matter and one key tip for turning it all around. Try it for yourself and see if it works!

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Why a Small Business Should Blog

September 16th, 2006

I am so excited about this article that I stumbled upon about why a small business should blog! Actually, in some ways I wish I hadn’t stumbled upon this article because now it will be nearly impossible for me to formulate a similar article myself! Instead I’ll end up just passing people on to read this article. Have you noticed that I haven’t given you the link yet? Ok, here it is!

BUT WAIT, before you go, here are some juicy quotes from it.

Save Money

“They provide marketing, advertising and customer relations at a fraction of the price it would cost to do so via traditional outlets.”

All the Kool Kids Are Doing It

“[Google] ... also spent a lot of money buying the largest growing and used blogging tool out there, which should also give you something else to think about.”

A Better Audience

“While millions of readers looking for content should be reason enough to focus your energies on them, the importance of courting these influential, eager and financially secure readers should not be undervalued.”

Did I mention that they have links to other useful resources? Traditional wisdom says you shouldn’t send your readers away from your website. Forget traditional wisdom. Oh… Go on and read you funky cool lovely or hunky thing you.

Come back sometime for a visit.