Help me out here. I just published the site for my brother-in-law. I want to prove to him that it’s going to work for him. So if you have a minute, drop him a line, welcome him to the community that is the internet and let him know what you think of the site!

What’s at stake?

More than my pride that’s at stake here. Yes, we all know that when working with family it tends to be a bit more challenging to get them to take you as a business professional. They are family after all, why should they? Really, we all need a place where we can go and people just shake their heads at us and think we’re full of it. It’s great for keeping real. What’s really at stake here is that I want him to see the results and believe in the power of his website.

I always try to convince my clients to start taking some time to do regular blogging and to get involved with Twitter and Facebook. In this case, I really believe in what Blair is trying to do and want to get him going at it.

If you checked out this posting – take one more second..

Please just take a second to visit Blair’s shiny new website, Curious Minds – supports for autism and drop him a line. I’d just love to see his inbox filled up with messages saying – “hey, this internet stuff does work.” Of course it doesn’t hurt to say “your website is totally awesome – who built it for you?”. (wink, wink)

Now we just need to get him blogging. That brain of his is stuffed full of great info..

PS: I told him I would tell people about his site and he said in a rather pessimistic way “Yeah, we’ll see how many clients I get out of it.” Yeah Blair we’ll see!

PPS: I had to hold off telling people about this for a couple days while. Well, now I can tweet and facebook it to my heart’s content!