About Me

Who I Am:

I am Chris Dwan, a father and husband and a web developer. I am married to a wonderful woman who is beautiful and I lover her. I have three beautiful kids. I work primarily with Ruby on Rails because it’s beautiful and I love it. I work with Apple products because they are beautiful and I love them.

Hey, I’m just into truth and beauty in general, and gravitate to those things which best exemplify those qualities.

What I blog about…

I’ll blog about whatever interests me enough to talk about. At the moment I’ll be mostly blogging about:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Radiant CMS
  • Mephisto Blogging Engine
  • Apple Products
  • Tech stuff

I might throw in some comments about parenting in here, but who knows… That’s a big can of worms to open, and who wants parenting advice from a guy who looks like he lives in a computer?