The Apple Tablet

November 20th, 2009

Along with every other Apple / Mac fan and many tech enthusiasts, I have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new Apple Tablet computer. Here’s my thought on the matter and what I would consider awesomeness from the tablet.

Input Device

There’s probably only one really killer thing that my thoughts focus on when it comes to the tablet. It’s the idea of making it an input device as well as a computer.

I would be chomping at the bit to go out and get this tablet if it worked like this:

  • You set it down on your desk, in front of your shiny iMac.
  • You hook up the mini display port from your Mac to Tablet (or maybe not – knowing Apple..)
  • It connects automatically via bluetooth (wi-fi?)
  • You now have a giant touch and pen based input device for your Mac
  • While you’re working with it, it’s syncing your data to the device
  • When it’s time to go, you grab the tablet, head out and can carry on working remotely
  • All your files go with you via the cloud (mobile me)

There is so much talk these days about revolutionizing the way you interface with your computer, I’d be surprised (and sad) if it didn’t play out this way, at least eventually.

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What it’s Not Going to Be

The tablet is going to fill a gap in what Apple is offering now and it will work synergistically with the other products Apple is offering. Guaranteed. SO, the apple tablet is not going to be:

1. A fully-functional computer (there’s a Mac for that) 2. An iPhone 3. An iPod replacement

What it May Also Be

1. A bigger gaming device 2. A mobile book reader 3. A ‘netbook’ replacement (not exactly a netbook, but will fill the same hole)

Why the Delay?

Why isn’t Apple releasing this now? Forget OLED! They just came out with a new Magic Mouse, and they don’t want to interfere with the sales of that interface device! (ok maybe this is a stretch)

There was a short mention of this idea on Macrumors (would be Macrumours in Canada by the way, I always get that messed up) a while back. Looks like the source was Gizmodo I’m sure others are talking about this possibility. Why the heck not?

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