Welcome Patrick Michael Dwan

January 31st, 2007

What does a man say when his first son arrives? I don’t know. Wow! My girls are two beautiful princesses that melt my heart daily – I can’t take anything away from my joy in them. Still, there is something special about this arrival. Maybe it’s all the new hopes and dreams I have for this little man. Maybe it’s the new responsibility I now feel to demonstrate to him how to be a good man. One way or another it is all joy, hope and eager expectation. I always wait eagerly for this word.. “Dada!”

Without further ado…

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2 Responses to “Welcome Patrick Michael Dwan”

  1. Robert Sanzalone Says:
    Wow! What a super cutie and what a wonderful family! Congratulations Papa! You are TRULY blessed.
  2. Margaret Brown nee Dwan Says:
    Congratulations on your son. My maiden name was Dwan never met any other dwans, my father was an only child so no further relatives that I am aware. My brother no children so our part of the Dwans willcease with him. It's good to know there are other Dwans in the world because we never met any others.

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