The Lessons of DareDevil

August 2nd, 2006

I just watched the director’s cut of DareDevil. I never saw the theatrical release and I sure am glad I didn’t. This movie was a good movie. I wouldn’t put it up next to Spider-Man, but I would definitely include it in my list of comic book movies that ‘got it’.

I was prompted to blog about this because there are important lessons to be taken away from this. I look and see that some really talented people got together and made a great movie, then it got cut up and a lousy movie was released to the theatres. I think a lot can be taken away from thinking about what happened, why it happened and what actually makes a great movie.

I want to blog about this more later when I have the chance, but for now I want to put down the things that are jumping out at me:

  1. The producer had a different vision from the director, and he held the money.
  2. The end-user’s expectations weren’t understood and met.
  3. Story is KING.
  4. It’s the little things that make it big.

I want to translate these ideas into understanding what makes good software, because the challenges involved with making a movie are the same types of challenges involved in making software. Stay tuned kids.

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